Climate by Design optimized their technician productivity with Fieldcode

Climate by Design installs and maintains air-conditioning systems across the UK. After implementing Fieldcode they benefited from an array of features for automated scheduling and dispatch, route optimization, and real-time communication. Thus, providing to their clientele outstanding customer service besides improving their operations efficiency.

Climate by Design success story with Fieldcode
Company Climate by Design
Industry HVAC
Size Medium
Headquarters Biggleswade, UK



Fieldcode has helped us to cope with the increased demand for our services and improve the efficiency of our service network. Our back office now communicates with our field technicians in real-time to provide assistance. In this way our service network works in the most productive way keeping our customers happy with the exceptional service results.

Becky Carr, Account Manager – Climate by Design


Climate by Design, the specialist in installation and servicing of commercial and residential air conditioning systems, was looking for a solution to manage the entire field service network efficiently. With the rise of home-office environments during the last year, providing fast and efficient service delivery already from the first visit became the primary goal; the technicians needed to reach new levels of productivity in a short time in order to respond to the increasing needs.

Fieldcode's field service success story with Climate by Design



Since the beginning of 2021, Fieldcode is used to automate and optimize the installation and maintenance operations. With the use of features such as automated scheduling and dispatch, route optimization, and real-time communication, the team was able to automate their service scheduling processes, optimize field team routes and share ticket status updates with all team members in real-time.

Thanks to the Fieldcode mobile application our engineers’ duties are simplified and their efficiency is enhanced.

Becky Carr, Account Manager – Climate by Design

Key benefits

Increased technician productivity by 30%
By gathering critical data and allowing for instant submission of completion paperwork the system helped to reduce the staff workload.

A single real-time view of the workload
The custom dashboard enables instantaneous access to their most important assets/data.

Automated processes, reduced errors and repeated visits
By reducing their return visit rate, customer satisfaction increased as well as overall revenue.

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