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Automate your service and boost customer experience through proactive field service management. 

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software features

Manage your field service teams efficiently and delight your customers with smart experiences. Benefit from an innovative set of features to control and simplify the complexity of your field service workflow. 

Access & Connect

Drive better performance with easy access and connect to any external systems without a software developer.

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Automate & Optimize

Automate your service through IoT and improve your field workforce efficiency with optimized route planning.

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Guide & Report

Ensure continuous performance at the highest level through guided workflows.

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Monitor & Analyze

Improve service and productivity levels with comprehensive dashboards and real time KPI monitoring.

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Reduce & Compensate

Significantly reduce cost with our pay-per-event model and contribute positively through our carbon compensation approach.

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Why us

Find out how our pioneering FSM software and highly competitive on-demand pricing model will revolutionize your field service. With each intervention you also contribute positively to your company's CO2 footprint at no additional cost.

Pay 1 dollar for each intervention

License free on-demand pricing model 

Our revolutionary pay-per-event model offers a competitive solution with no fixed cost. You simply pay for each intervention – without a restriction on the features of the software you use. One flat fee for each intervention is our cost reducing answer to expensive subscription based models.  

CO2 compensation with each intervention

COcompensation with each intervention

Our mission is to eliminate your carbon footprint while focusing on highest productivity and improved workflow processes. We focus on the development of future technologies that enable us to provide advanced levels of CO2  negativity, while also heavily supporting forestation of our own nature reserves in Africa.

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Fieldcode CEO - Matthias Lubko

Matthias Lübko —

We believe that Field Service Management should be an easy, sustainable and smart experience that meets the individual preferences of our clients and our environment.

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