Meet SLA targets with real-time analytics

Utilize powerful analytics for real-time asset monitoring, data analysis, and informed decision-making. Stay ahead of critical timelines and KPIs, achieving up to a 99% boost in SLA performance.

View all your operations in one real-time view

With fully customizable analytics dashboard and live views, you can monitor and analyze productivity and quality data within your delivery network in real-time. This helps your team to stay flexible, proactive and a step ahead.

Intelligent staffing decisions

Anticipate future demand and decide when and where to retain or hire resources with forecasting. Achieve more accurate resource planning and react effectively to fluctuations, scheduling, and seasonal changes. Optimize your permanent and subcontracted resources all year long.

Use data for each ticket status

Benefit from different workspaces to improve your service. Make use of resource scheduling, keep track of your internal and external resources with extensive drilldown capabilities and follow work progress of all current tickets.

Enjoy real-time KPI monitoring

Pro-active warnings, suggestions for improvement and alerts avoid missed SLAs and improves all relevant KPIs. You can customize all reports by individual key performance indicators or service level agreements.

Enjoy real-time KPI monitoring
Connect your analytics solutions instantly

Connect your analytics solutions instantly

Conveniently import data into your reporting or BI solution within minutes. All data stored in Fieldcode can be made visible in your analytics tool via standard API.

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