Working together
as a diverse team

Together we drive actions that deliver drastic results. We create innovative technology to provide Field Service Management software with an easy, sustainable, and smart experience that meets the individual needs of our clients and our environment.

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Open-minded company culture 

We foster a community culture that celebrates and values each person’s unique perspective and background, promotes inclusivity and encourages and enables everyone to reach their full potential. We have a strong can-do attitude, and we are problem solvers. We love to enthuse our customers. Everyone has something to bring to the table, and we welcome honest and respectful dialogue.

Fieldcode's atmosphere enables and strengthens each employee to influence our product and organization.

Our mission: We innovate for the greater good

The main focus of our scientific research lies in a method to speed up the process of naturally binding CO2 with an abundantly available mineral: Olivine.

Synchronously with our reforestation action, we over-compensate our customers’ emitted CO2  by planting trees on our farm in Zimbabwe across 800 km² of land. 

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Our principles

Work together to achieve more. Your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Imagine and create new possibilities. We satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior service.

Innovate for the greater good. We make a difference with our environmentally inspiring solutions.

Act with integrity. We at Fieldcode are all accountable for our words, deeds, and outcomes.

We respect and value everyone. We treat people with dignity and conduct ourselves professionally.

At Fieldcode, we empower our customers. It's as simple as it sounds: We succeed when they succeed.

Our Offices

Amazing cities, amazing people

49°27'43.168"N 11°5'33.079"E
Nuremberg, Germany

37°59'31.4"N 23°42'18.7"E
Athens, Greece

51°2'18.517"N 16°57'3.474"E
Bielany Wroclawskie, Poland

25°54'50.6"N 80°19'49.4"W
Miami Lakes, USA

47°24'1.962"N 8°27'19.058"E
Schlieren, Switzerland

47°30'07.5"N 19°06'58.0"E
Budapest, Hungary

How we work

We’re excited to bring the benefits of a personalized work model to our team. We believe that where and how you work is an important factor in your effectiveness in your area of responsibility. That’s why we offer our employees flexible models to create the required work environment either in our friendly and modern offices or in a remote location.

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