Overview of work place views 

The Fieldcode work place views help you and your team to organize the daily work efficiently. Get to know the core functionalities and how employees with different job roles can benefit from the dedicated views in Fieldcode.  

Organize your work smarter to resolve tickets faster 

The work place views are designed to help your team manage the daily workload smoothly and scale service faster. The set of standard views gives service technicians and backoffice agents the type of visibility required in order to manage different aspects of the ticket-handling process efficiently. All the views are easy to customize according to the needs of each user's role. 

In this video, we will take you through the set of predefined views on the work place: 

  • Dispatch view: a quick overview of available tickets, their details, and technicians' timeline. Ideal for users who need to assign tickets.
  • Backoffice view: particularly convenient for Backoffice agents or Service Management interested in ticket details.
  • Analytics view: your cockpit to steer and control the teams. Receiving live status updates, preventive alerting and all needed insight into the project statistics.

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