Multinational technology expert cuts spending 10% annually with Fieldcode 

Utilizing Fieldcode's innovative solutions, a multinational technology expert achieved a remarkable 10% reduction in annual expenditure, translating to a substantial $4 million in savings. This financial milestone was primarily attributed to increased productivity and strategic internal resource optimization.

FIeldcode's field service success story with Multinational technology expert
Industry Information Technology
Size 66,000 Employees
Headquarters Palo Alto, California



By using Fieldcode's field service software we optimized the utilization of our own resources. This shift towards internal efficiency meant we could significantly reduce the issuance of tickets to external partners, enhancing control over our operations.


Faced with the complexities of managing expansive service operations, the company grappled with heavy reliance on external partners. This dependency led to substantial cost overheads, operational bottlenecks, and a lack of control over critical interventions. Coordinating and managing these external partners effectively became a pressing need, as it directly impacted and inflated the annual expenditures on outsourced interventions, leading to inefficiencies.

FIeldcode's field service success story



Fieldcode's FSM software provided a comprehensive solution that empowered the company to optimize its service operations effectively. By strategically leveraging internal resources and streamlining route planning, the company significantly reduced its dependency on external partners, thereby gaining better control and efficiency over its operations.

10% Annual spending reduction with Fieldcode

10% Annual spending reduction

By shifting towards internal resource optimization, the company achieved approximately 10% in overall savings from its annual expenditure. This financial improvement, equivalent to $4 million, was directly linked to increased productivity and reduced reliance on costly external interventions.

Enhanced productivity through reduced non-productive times

The implementation of Fieldcode's FSM software led to a significant reduction in non-productive times such as administrative tasks and drive time, resulting in a 30% reduction in drive time. Additionally, the company achieved zero tech overbookings, further enhancing operational efficiencies and resource utilization.

Enhanced productivity through reduced non-productive times with Fieldcode
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