How to navigate field service operations through a crisis

Throughout history, economies have dealt with and recovered from numerous crises. Luckily, the field services industry in general has always adapted, evolved, and recovered throughout different down periods.

However, given the current crisis, most field service operations have already seen a reduction in demand and volume. The important takeaway during these turbulent times is that companies must turn to new technologies and practices that support increased utilization, optimized planning, and automation in order to survive on-going economical challenges and sustain healthy competition.

Likewise, it is more important than ever to understand how services are perceived from a client’s perspective and how priorities change. Even during challenging times, organizations must be well equipped to provide excellent support, no matter what the circumstances are. Field service vendors should prioritize slimmer processes and create workflows to support their clients faster and offer more transparency.

Due to the increased practices of remote work, many companies are re-thinking their approach and policies to home offices as well. 

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