Achieving environmental 
sustainability in the Field Service Industry 

Climate change is an existential threat to the future of the entire planet. Decades in the making, we are now reaching a tipping point beyond which our planet Earth may never recover. 

High polluters are already legally bound to declare annual CO₂ footprint, or to purchase carbon credits to offset their emissions. But as the opportunity to prevent an environmental catastrophe rapidly recedes, every organization 
– including field service management providers – has a role to play in limiting climate change. 

Achieving environmental sustainability in the Field Service Industry

Field Service companies need to accelerate their carbon reduction efforts

In this whitepaper we are tackling the climate change problem and solutions to fight back, including key insights on:  

•    How serious climate change is

•    The consequences if we fail to deal with the issue 

•    The role of the FSM industry 

•    Types of actions for fighting climate change 

•    Fieldcode Olivine Research project: our mission to achieve negative emissions 

Find out more by downloading our whitepaper. 


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