Field Service Management is reshaping the Vending Machine industry

Accessibility and convenience are what make vending machines a success and in growing demand. However even the most advanced vending machines experience malfunctions, and it can be challenging to pinpoint the precise moment when and which machine needs restocking or repair. Operators may not be aware of machine failure for several days resulting in lost revenue and customer loyalty.

Thanks to technological advancements with FSM these issues can be easily rectified, and field service operations optimized.

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About the use case

Harness the power of FSM to effectively service vending machines 24/7. Boost your monthly income and customer loyalty by delivering outstanding service and optimizing field service operations.

By adopting and integrating a field service software into your field service workflow, benefit from:

  • Improved vending machine service management 
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Shortened response times and improved field workforce management
  • Increased productivity and drastically improved first-time fix rates
  • Aligned field service KPIs with field service business objectives
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