Disruptive innovation in building & construction field services

Business owners continue to underinvest in new technologies, even though they recognize the many benefits that new technology can provide to their business operations and construction project management. The companies that are early adopters of new tech into their workflows and job sites will have a significant advantage over those that do not. In contrary, companies that fail to adopt emerging technologies will not have the competitive advantage to survive in this environment.

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About the use case

Empower your construction field service technicians and allow them to become more efficient. Fieldcode mobile field management platform helps you overcome challenges by providing automation and efficiency through smart scheduling, user-friendly mobile solutions and robust business intelligence.

So, what are these challenges? More importantly, what strategies can construction project managers follow to curb them?

By adopting and integrating a field service software into your construction project workflow, you benefit from:

  • Increased productivity and save time
  • Field and back-office connectivity & accurate financial planning
  • Complete document tracking
  • Enhanced visibility with real-time alerts and access to data
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