August 24, 2023   2 minute read

Fieldcode to Host Webinar on Empowering HVAC Technicians to Navigate Through Diverse Scenarios with Ease

Fieldcode, an innovator in providing smart field service management (FSM) software, is excited to announce an upcoming webinar focused on equipping HVAC technicians with the tools to conquer a multitude of day-to-day field service challenges and varying situations effortlessly. The webinar, titled "Guiding HVAC Technicians Through Daily Field Challenges". will take place on September 13th, 2023, at 4 PM (CEST) and 10 AM (EDT).

Field service technicians face a multitude of tasks each day, from catering to specific customer requirements to collaborating with partners and delivering top-notch service efficiently. Fieldcode’s Mobile App (FMA) is a solution that streamlines every step of the process and aligns service technicians with their objectives.

Breaking free from mundane checklists, the FMA empowers users with seamless ticket workflows and optimized time management. Clients gain the flexibility to design and modify workflow steps, responding dynamically to changes in the ticket process for unmatched efficiency. Additionally, personalized reporting forms can be tailored to specific requirements, allowing customers to decide essential information, relevant questions, and even adapt forms based on previous answers and other factors.

The webinar will be led by Verena Wechsler, Fieldcode Software Trainer & Consultant and an Industry expert with over 10 years of field service experience. Verena has a deep understanding of Fieldcode’s software capabilities and serves as the first point of contact for customers, providing her with in-depth knowledge of the industry and customers’ needs. During the webinar, she will shed light on the specific pain points HVAC service providers encounter daily and demonstrate how Fieldcode's cutting-edge solution effectively tackles these challenges head-on.

Attendees can expect to gain the following insights:

  • Discover the unique functionalities and benefits of Fieldcode's Mobile Application.
  • Learn effective strategies for executing versatile reporting processes and requirements, leading to improved service delivery.
  • Uncover valuable insights on team efficiency improvement and workforce balance.
  • Gain practical tips for aligning service teams with process adherence

Event Details

Webinar: Guiding HVAC Technicians Through Daily Field Challenges

Date: September 13th, 2023

Time: 4 PM (CEST). 10 AM (EDT)

Duration: 30 minutes

The webinar is open to professionals in the Field Service Industry, Service Managers, Operations Executives, and anyone interested in enhancing their field service operational and delivery processes.

Watch the recording of this webinar. 

About Fieldcode

Fieldcode is a smart field service management (FSM) software provider that
leverages 20 years of global field service expertise. The software streamlines
operations and maximizes efficiency all in one seamless experience. Unlike
traditional licensing models, its license-free, unique pay-per-event model
significantly reduces cost. Moreover, the company's software per se combines
cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to support customers'
CO2 reduction goals and promote a positive impact on the environment.

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