November 14, 2023   3 minute read

Fieldcode Recognized in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Field Service Management Software

Fieldcode has been featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide, reflecting its presence in the FSM sector for the second consecutive year. This recognition acknowledges Fieldcode’s commitment to addressing the diverse challenges encountered by global field service industries.

Matthias Luebko, CEO of Fieldcode, commented, “We are honored to be recognized by Gartner, which demonstrates the value our team brings to the FSM industry. We look forward to advancing the industry together with our clients and partners.”

Fieldcode's specialization lies in high-tech, industrial manufacturing, energy, utilities, and transportation sectors. The company has demonstrated expertise by managing events for a range of notable clients in the manufacturing industry, with event volumes ranging from 20,000 to 700,000 for each partner.  This proficiency is further highlighted by Fieldcode’s suite of features:

Self-help customer portal

Fieldcode’s customer portal simplifies communication channels, providing automated updates via email or SMS, complete with real-time tracking links for estimated arrival times. The portal also facilitates hassle-free appointment management, allowing clients to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online with prompt notifications.

Streamlined automated scheduling

Recognizing the importance of time, Fieldcode integrates automated scheduling capabilities, ensuring activities are managed, scheduled, and dispatched in real time. The AI-driven system minimizes manual efforts, resulting in reduced downtime and faster response times.

Guided workflows in the Fieldcode Mobile App

Guided workflows in the Fieldcode Mobile App (FMA) are designed to assist technicians during ticket resolution. The app facilitates task completion, compliance reporting, detailed data capture, and safety adherence. It offers step-by-step guidance to enhance work order efficiency, team communication, and parts management while prioritizing safety protocols.

IoT-based diagnostics

Fieldcode seamlessly incorporates IoT sensors into networks, providing a centralized view of crucial data points. The system offers automated alerts and ticket creation for identified failures, enabling a predictive approach that addresses potential issues before they escalate. This proactive method reduces the need for emergency repairs, ultimately minimizing downtime.

Enhanced coordination for multi-entity workforces

Addressing the intricacies of businesses with multi-entity workforces, Fieldcode introduces a "cooperation" capability within the software. This feature facilitates seamless communication and coordination of work orders and requirements across different entities and subcontractors.

Flexible pricing model for Field Service Management

Fieldcode offers an alternative pricing model with a pay-per-event structure, allowing field service companies to align costs with actual usage, optimizing their investment in FSM solutions.


About Gartner

Gartner is a globally recognized research and advisory firm, providing valuable insights and analysis across various industries, particularly in technology and business. For businesses, Gartner's reports serve as a trusted resource for evaluating vendors and making informed decisions in an ever-evolving market landscape. The Gartner Market Guide evaluates the global market for Field Service Management solutions on an annual basis. Software solutions are assessed on their ability to design a strategic yet innovative vision of their product, as well as on their aptitude to effectively deploy their software for customers.


About Fieldcode

Fieldcode is a smart field service management (FSM) software provider that leverages 20 years of global field service expertise. The software streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency all in one seamless experience. Unlike traditional licensing models, its license-free, unique pay-per-event model significantly reduces cost. Moreover, the company's software per se combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to support customers' CO2 reduction goals and promote a positive impact on the environment.

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