March 31, 2022 Eirini Saranti 3 minute read

Announcing our Fieldcode and ServiceNow FSM integration 

Fieldcode is proud to announce our integration with ServiceNow! With the new Fieldcode and ServiceNow integration, you will be able to create a Fieldcode ticket automatically from incidents in ServiceNow that require a new field service task created. This adds new and powerful integration capabilities with connectors between the two systems that allow for smooth data flow without complex coding requirements. 

Those who are already ServiceNow customers know ServiceNow creates digital experiences that help their organization work smarter, faster, and better with digital workflows that connect people, functions, and systems. The ServiceNow platform is designed on service-oriented architecture (SOA), in which all data objects are using web services to access bi-directional data-level integration. For this reason, users will benefit from a third-party integration with Fieldcode, as it will assist them in streamlining their field service operations. 

Benefits of the Fieldcode and ServiceNow integration 


1. World-class service delivery

Although the use of multiple automation tools can help organizations improve their operational performance, it can still lead to poor service delivery when data cannot flow automatically between different tasks and tools. This is where this integration steps in and offers full transparency and control over two separate but synchronized workflows effortlessly.  


2. High ROI

When investing in a new software solution, companies look for the highest possible ROI and try to avoid scenarios such as bug-ridden software and error-prone workarounds. This integration allows the two robust systems to unify, bridging the gap between service operations and field service automation. The Fieldcode plugin enhances the ServiceNow platform by deploying smart scheduling and dispatching features such as route/workload optimization and a mobile app for technicians. These features will contribute to top-class performance and ultimately maximum ROI for the end user. 


3. Increased customer satisfaction

The Fieldcode plugin gives ServiceNow users total visibility into their field service delivery by enabling them to pull fully customizable reports at any time. With a single point of contact, users have the capability to submit requests and respond to clients promptly. This uninterrupted exchange of information simplifies processes and makes it easier for the system to identify discrepancies, solve problems, and maintain high customer satisfaction. 


4. Maximize productivity

This integration speeds up the approval processes and the response to requests by any department involved, including the field service team. Not only does it automate the majority of field service tasks but also detects problems before they cause serious downtime. The Fieldcode plugin combines preset parameters such as technician skills and availability with public data such as traffic and congestion forecasts for accurate route planning. A feature that will particularly improve customer waiting times and workforce productivity by reducing manual workload.  


How to activate this integration?

To access Fieldcode, ServiceNow users have to create a free tenant account here and then download the Fieldcode plugin from the ServiceNow Store. After these simple steps, the integration is activated and you can enjoy the added benefits of a specialized field service software enhancing your overall service delivery. 

To sum up, the Fieldcode and ServiceNow integration will extend the user’s IT efficiency by linking disconnected functional areas of their business with previously limited transparency under one platform. This integration is a simple plug-and-play integration with zero coding efforts for end-users. All you need to do is choose the desired settings, authorize, and the simultaneous data exchange between ServiceNow and Fieldcode begins. 

To learn more about integrating with smart field service management, get in touch and arrange a Fieldcode demo today.

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