April 11, 2024 Despoina Mountanea 2 minute read

Maximizing partner-led operations leveraging Fieldcode for consistent visibility

As businesses seek new ways to enhance their service delivery, more companies are recognizing the advantages of partnering with external entities to achieve this. These partnerships can extend a company’s reach, increase resource capacity, and introduce specialized expertise without the overhead of direct employment. However, managing these external partnerships brings about its own set of challenges, especially in maintaining consistency and visibility across operations.

Benefits of partnering with external entities for service delivery

  1. Extended reach and scalability: Partnering allows businesses to extend their service capabilities across geographical boundaries without the need for physical presence or expansion.
  2. Access to specialized skills: It enables access to a broad pool of specialized skills and expertise, which might not be available in-house.
  3. Cost efficiency: External partners can be more cost-effective, reducing the need for heavy investments in recruitment, training, and infrastructure.
  4. Flexibility and agility: With the support of partners, companies can quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands with greater flexibility and speed.

Challenges in partner-led service delivery

While the benefits are numerous, several challenges can impede the efficiency of partner-led operations:

  1. Lack of real-time visibility: Without a unified view of operations, managing and monitoring partner activities can be cumbersome, leading to inefficiencies.
  2. Disparate communication channels: Multiple communication platforms can lead to information silos, making it difficult to maintain cohesive operations.
  3. Information inconsistency: Inconsistent data across different systems can lead to errors and misinterpretations, impacting service quality.
  4. Coordination issues: Coordinating tasks, schedules, and responsibilities among partners can be challenging without a centralized management system.

The Fieldcode advantage

In essence, the primary challenge is that tickets assigned to third-party partners and subcontractors lack the same level of transparency and control as those managed directly by in-house staff. Inconsistencies arise from the use of various tools, leading to discrepancies and outdated information. Fieldcode bridges this gap, offering a way to achieve uniform visibility across all operations. With a strong focus on privacy and data security, the software provides data that facilitates clear coordination with partners.

  1. Live updates: Live updates in Fieldcode offer real-time tracking of service requests and technician statuses, which align all stakeholders and minimize delays and misunderstandings. The system not only informs about the day’s technician status but also predicts punctuality based on their current route and progress.
  2. Proactive alerts: Proactive alerts enhance communication with automated notifications via email or SMS to promptly inform partners of schedule changes and important updates. The system also flags potential SLA breaches, allowing for quick action. These measures ensure a fluid workflow and timely adjustments, while clear indications of any schedule shifts are visible to all Fieldcode users, keeping dispatch and field teams aligned.
  3. Critical dashboard views: These dashboards offer a variety of comprehensive views that bring together live updates and flag at-risk tickets, facilitating quick and informed decision-making. With easy access to detailed case information, dispatchers can swiftly manage and resolve issues.
  4. Capacity forecasting: Capacity forecasting powered by utilization analytics allows to evenly spread out the workload, ensuring no partner is overloaded. Tickets can be assigned to the right partner from the start considering factors such as utilization, engineer availability, location and priority.

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