May 22, 2024 Peggy Xenos 2 minute read

Introducing the new "Lists" feature in Fieldcode's FSM software

Managing recurring data and integrating it with automated workflows can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why Fieldcode developed the new "Lists" feature. This tool simplifies data entry, enhances workflow automation capabilities, and ensures consistency, making it easier to manage customer information.

Streamlined data entry with custom lists

The "Lists" feature, found within the Admin Panel of our FSM software, adds a new layer of flexibility. Users can create various types of lists, such as site lists, device lists, and address lists. These lists are highly versatile and can be reused for different purposes, allowing you to decide what information to store and what is important for your business.

The core functionalities include entering large volumes of data into the system, reusing data for automation, and triggering workflow events. Additionally, dynamic lists help reduce inconsistencies in data entry, especially in how addresses are recorded (e.g., STR, str, Str.), resulting in cleaner and more accurate data.

To further enhance this feature, we are working on allowing users to create new lists and update existing ones by importing Excel files. This functionality, highly requested by our customers, is crucial because many users have extensive lists that are too large for manual entry. By the end of June 2024, this update will streamline data entry even further, making it easier and faster to incorporate large datasets into the system, thus boosting overall efficiency and accuracy.



The "Lists" feature offers several benefits, making it a valuable tool for businesses in different industries. Here are some examples of how this feature can be used:


Managing multiple locations

For companies managing multiple locations, site lists can streamline the process of creating new tickets. When a new ticket is created with the same site ID as a previous ticket, the workflow can inherit the data associated with that site. This includes the address, contact person details, and other relevant characteristics. This automation saves time and reduces errors.


Managing devices

Device lists can be used to manage devices by their unique IDs. The system can automatically populate the relevant information from the list when a device is identified. This ensures that all device-related data is accurate and consistent, making it easier to track and manage your assets.


Managing customer information

By using custom lists, such as address lists, businesses can reduce inconsistencies in how information is recorded, leading to more accurate data and more efficient operations. For instance, when a new ticket is created, the system can automatically identify and fill in the relevant information from the list based on a unique identifier like a customer ID. This automation reduces manual entry errors and speeds up the ticket creation process.



The lists menu allows you to add custom lists, enabling you to reuse them for various purposes. This feature is invaluable for entering large volumes of data into the system, which can then be reused or utilized for smart automation across different parts of the system. It’s a powerful feature designed to boost efficiency and accuracy.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to our user manual or book a demo to learn how we can help you excel in transforming your service operations.
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