September 22, 2022 Peggy Xenos 4 minute read

Empower customers with a digital customer portal

In today’s world, major shifts are happening in the field service industry, and one critical area that may be getting overlooked is the interaction with customer service. Field professionals delivering exceptional field services as promised is not enough anymore. Customers are exposed to evolving technology, constant access to information, and real-time responses, all of which impact customer interaction and how your customers get information on services.  

New generation customers not only demand what you promise but expect swift resolution, digital and mobile access, flexibility, and efficiency.  In other words, you are selling an experience.  Customers are interested in brands that can meet their expectations and with whom they can interact.  Brand loyalty is no longer about customers staying committed to one provider but about what experience you can give to your customers above your performance in the field.  

Service providers can start nurturing customer relationships and improving customer experience by providing customer support through digital channels like websites, email, SMS, and mobile apps. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of customer engagement, so field service providers who can provide a solution that seamlessly enriches customer touchpoints like the Fieldcode customer portal will be miles ahead of the competition.

Empower customers with a digital service customer portal

Keep your customer always informed

Keeping customers up-to-date supports effective and profitable interactions between field service providers and customers. Through a digital customer portal, businesses can start delivering the service customers crave, access to information, and field service experts when they need them. Customers have the power to self-serve and all relevant updates can be sent automatically to customers by email, SMS, or mobile app to ensure a unified customer experience.

Live tracking of tickets

Customers open via their web browser or mobile app a live tracking link that they receive. Live tracking of tickets allows customers to track the progress of their tickets, from scheduled appointments and receiving estimated time of arrival to tracking their technician’s location on a map. Transparency is a major factor in how customers measure success.

Fieldcode customer portal

User experience - Live tracking

Customers have access to specific event details, customer information, and the progress of the ticket. 

Customers can click on the tracking link received by email and access their information through the browser on desktop or mobile and enter the tracking code received via email.

Through the customer portal app, customers stay informed about the progress and any critical information about their service delivery status and:

  • Follow the ETA to the event location through a map with continuous live updates.  
  • Check the progress and status of each event at any stage of the delivery timeline.  
  • View relevant data for any event, including appointment date, device details, onsite address, assigned agents, and their contact information.  
  • Easily access information on updates and potentially critical situations.
  • Align and reschedule appointments accordingly.

Advantages for service providers

Save time and resource costs   

  • Reduce call traffic and the demand for call center resources.  
  • Eliminate the need to wait on the phone for service request status updates.  
  • No access to home scenarios is reduced by confirming appointments through email and SMS and sending automated notifications on the technician’s estimated time of arrival.   
  • Through customer self-service, resources can focus on more urgent matters resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Track Service Status   

  • View current service requests and conveniently check status and progress online.   
  • Manage, submit, and follow service requests easily.  

Enhance Communications  

  • Provide customers with on-demand access to service requests.  
  • Direct connection with the customer for better service.   

Improve KPIs  

  • By communicating through different channels and providing ease around how customers can manage their field service appointments, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)improves.  
  • Keeping customers informed through sound technology increases a company’s image, and customers will most likely recommend your services to others, thus improving the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  
  • Interacting with customers and providing a better and smooth customer experience through on-demand and real-time status updates increases the Customer Effort Score (CES).  

Advantages for customers

Customers have control of their time

  • Appointments are in alignment with strict customer schedules. Customers schedule appointments according to their availability.    
  • No need to spend time reaching out directly to service providers. Customers can digitally raise new service requests, reschedule or cancel appointments if service is no longer needed.
  • No more waiting around for technicians to show up. Customers receive delay notifications with the technician's location and estimated time of arrival.

Instant access to information anytime anywhere

  • Customers get status updates online and on-demand at their fingertips.
  • Customers on the go have access to and can provide updated information from their mobile devices.
  • Customers can track field service technicians’ locations in near real-time.

A digital customer portal is a way to align with customer service strategies, connect with customers, and secure customer loyalty. It enhances the customer’s experience and builds trust and transparency.  Elevate and empower your customers today with the Fieldcode customer portal, deliver outstanding customer service and connect with your customers.

Fieldcode has supported seamless FSM integration and mobile solutions for businesses around the world.  To start implementing, create a free account here.

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