September 18, 2020 Marie Brauburger 3 minute read

Implement climate protection projects as a company and shape the environmental future of our planet

Taking responsibility for our planet and its future has become an important topic for individuals and businesses alike. Many companies have implemented various programs to support a greener future, from climate neutral deliveries to paper free work environments and the option to neutralize your CO2 emissions on your next flight for a small additional fee. However, as a total there are simply not enough climate protection actions in force within the business world, and the field service industry in particular in order to positively influence our environment. Developing and implementing a dedicated program that fits your company´s goals towards a cleaner future can be extremely rewarding. Find out about our mission and the advantages of implementing your own climate protection project.

Implement climate protection projects as a company and shape the environmental future of our planet

Fighting climate change for an environmentally sustainable future

We all play a role in building a better future. For us as a software company offering a field service solution, this means focusing on our capabilities and knowledge to build our own research teams and implement our own climate protection projects. One of these measures is our olivine project with the mission to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with each field service event that is scheduled within our software.

Since the origin of our earth, atmospheric CO2 concentrations have been kept to a minimum through a natural process called rock weathering. This involves the chemical reaction of minerals with water and CO2, taking CO2 from the air and dissolving it into bicarbonates which are eventually stored in newly formed rocks. Olivine is one of the best minerals to react with CO2 as well as the main component of the earth’s upper mantle. It can be found as a by-product of mining activities in such mantle rocks. The main challenge in applying olivine weathering for the reduction of man-made atmospheric CO2 is to speed up this natural process.

Our cooperation partner, Californian NGO Project Vesta, are the first to deploy an innovative method called  ‘coastal enhanced weathering’ in an external environment, outside the laboratory . They will speed up the olivine uptake of CO2 by using free wave energy to grind down olivine grains spread out along the coast as a green sand beach.


Together with our own research team and our cooperation partners we aim to significantly reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.

Implementing and managing our projects puts us in the pole position, allows us to define all project steps in a way we believe works perfectly and provides the biggest benefit for our environment. It lets us be in control of the progress rather than watching from the sidelines.

Managing climate protection project as a company offers many additional advantages:

  • Ownership: You design the project based on your company values and decide which technologies and/or partner organizations are the best fit for you and your environmental goals.
  • Community support: Climate protection projects can also grow and deliver additional opportunities, for example by providing better living conditions for local communities, like our very own project in RIFA.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust the project scope and size of your teams whenever necessary, this will allow you to develop your projects faster and make a bigger impact.
  • Corporate social responsibility: Your project can become a supporting pillar in your corporate social responsibility strategy, strengthening your credibility as a sustainable company.
  • Employer branding: With a company image, that better reflects your future goals for the environment; your company can become more attractive to potential candidates, especially candidates with the same goals and motivation.

Together we can shape the future

Cooperating with other dedicated partners and an in-house research team to work towards our goals for a cleaner future allows us to proactively develop new sustainable processes at a much faster speed. Our goal is to not only reduce CO₂ emissions but transform the process and create CO₂ negativity by over-compensating for each event that is planned through our software.

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