Increase utilization of your field service workforce with smart automation


Automation starts with each process. Reduce unplanned maintenance, improve route planning and manage your service delivery on the go. Keep your field workers and customers fully informed. Being proactive will increase the productivity of your field workers by up to 50%.

Support your workforce with smart automation

Reduce the workload for everyone involved in the process and increase productivity by up to 50% with automation. The system automatically learns from the instructions created and suggests potential improvements. You can make better decisions based on that critical data.

Adapt your workflows to your demands

Customize all your service processes along the entire workflow for each ticket status. Guide your workforce through each intervention and ensure high quality performance in your projects by implementing fully customizable process steps.

Lead through the Service process and ensure adherence

Lead through the process and ensure adherence

Integrate special customer requirements, instructions and dynamic reporting options for your field service staff easily. Improve your first time fix rate and increase customer satisfaction by providing the right information at the right time.

Keep track with real-time reporting

Be informed about all engineer activities in real-time throughout the day using fully customizable reporting templates. Offline reported data will be stored and transferred automatically as soon as the engineer is connected again. This allows technicians to report tickets and status at any time – even when offline.

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