Subscription model
vs. pay-per-event 

Transform your field service experience into a cost reducing process through our unique pay-per-event pricing model. Discover how you can cut cost by detaching the subscription costs from your monthly expenses. 

Compare your current software costs with our pay-per-event model.

Field service without fixed cost

Our pricing allows you to be in full control of your monthly costs. You only pay per field service event, regardless of the number of users involved. Try our live cost calculator below and immediately discover the benefits.

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Subscription model vs. pay-per-event 

Use our calculator to see how much you can save through our innovative pay-per-event model.

Fill in the number of field staff and admins, the cost that you are currently paying per user utilizing the software, including your maintenance cost and the number of events you generate per month.

Remember, our software is always entirely free for up to 10 users. Depending on the number of your monthly interventions you might qualify for our high frequency pricing.

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