Reduce & Compensate

Reduce cost through our unique pay-per-event model, improve efficiency and benefit from carbon compensation for better performance and climate positivity.

Pioneering pay-per-event model

Reduce cost and avoid long term subscription commitments.

On-demand intervention based pricing offers a new way to reduce software cost while increasing productivity. Each intervention is registered as an event and is invoiced with a flat fee of $1.

Regardless of the amount of users in your network, the price is always calculated per event, never per user.

Carbon compensation driven by future technologies – at no additional cost

Compensate the environmental effect of an intervention immediately through our CO2 compensation model.

For each intervention that is handled in our software we reduce the resulting emission below zero. We are committed to our CO2 carbon compensation promise, through our own action.

Heavy investment in innovative technologies allow us to do this even more efficiently in the near future. Currently each intervention is compensated through our own reforestation project in our own nature reserve in Africa.

Optimized engineer productivity and quality

Reduce inefficiencies and SLA misses by optimizing your workflow through easy steps.

Regardless of the maturity state of your field service organization, our software offers the right features to support the development of your operations to the next level.

Automated customer updates

Keep your customers informed automatically to avoid recalls and complaints.

Customers can follow the status of their intervention through links provided by e-mail or SMS, according to your configuration. 

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