Monitor & Analyze

Master your service network and service level agreements with real-time monitoring and analysis functions.

Monitor critical tickets in real time

Pro-active warnings and alerts help to avoid SLA misses and improve all relevant KPIs.

Tickets are flagged when they are running close to the end of a defined period determining how long the ticket is allowed to stay in a particular status, before a warning or alert occurs.

The tool automatically generates an overview with the most critical tickets being highlighted. An in-depth view for each critical ticket is available immediately as the status changes. Ticket visibility per region or by project can easily be customized and filtered.

Dashboard functions with drilldown to user level

Analyze all data points in real time in one view with drilldown capabilities.

Fully customizable dashboards can display various levels of productivity and quality data within your delivery network in real time. This provides an in depth view by country, project, region or any other pre-defined setting. 

Keep track of all tickets on an overview or detailed level, boost quality, productivity and adapt processes accordingly. This allows you to act quickly on peaks or lows within your delivery network.

Real time KPI monitoring

Increase productivity and quality levels with live views of all relevant performance ratings.

Each report can be customized by individual Key Performance Indicators or Service Level Agreements like response time, allowance for time on site, productivity or part consumption.

Settings can be defined in relation to all fields in the data model. All reports are available in real time, allowing for immediate improvement measures.  

Connect your analytics solutions through our API

Conveniently implement data into your reporting or BI solution within minutes.

All available data within Fieldcode can be made visible in your analytics tool. 


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