Guide & Report

Configure a customer or product specific workflow and implement automated instructions to easily guide engineers through each intervention.

Workflow adaption to project specific needs 

Based on your service processes, customization for each ticket status is possible along the entire workflow.

To ensure quality performance of all steps throughout the process, your field service network will be guided through the intervention with mandatory steps.

Process guidance & adherence will be ensured through the implementation of fully customizable forms according to your needs and mandatory steps that have to be confirmed by technicians throughout the intervention.

Special instruction configuration

Display specified and time sensitive instructions for the user, through customized information and reporting options.

Special delivery instruction can be displayed for any chosen intervention, for any user in any step.

Specific intervention instructions are displayed to the user at the precise moment they are needed. Only necessary information will be displayed, e.g. working instruction and documentation for complex tickets such as additional information for an out of line task. 

Real-time reporting

Monitor all data points of your service network in a live view. 

Engineers report in real time throughout the day based on your predefined customer or product specific data fields.

Offline reported data will be stored and transferred automatically as soon as the engineer is connected again. This allows technicians to report tickets and status at any time – even when offline.

Fully customizable reporting templates 

Gather and define product and customer related information through individually created templates.

Data collection that requires a technician's input can be designed individually based on your customer, device or location.

Finalize your reporting design with the guidance tool. Keep your customers informed with automated updates throughout the workflow based on the reported data.

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