Access & Connect everything in your delivery process

Drive better performance with easy access and connect with other systems without any need for a developer to configure your setup.

Drag and drop API to connect with any other systems

Connect your service network to any customer relationship or service management software without the need to code.

Standard interfaces allow for an easy configuration and make all information available at a glance. Areas that normally require developer interaction can now easily be connected without any programming skills through our drag and drop function.

Tickets from another software that is currently used can be imported quickly and are synchronized continuously throughout the ticket lifecycle.

Benefit from 190+ international user cultures

One unified system worldwide with localized settings allows for a multilingual user interface.

Delivering service worldwide often means that teams and clients are in different time zones and require multiple language settings. Our product functions display everything in your preferred language and date / time set up for easier and better communication.

Tickets that are raised in your local language will be converted into multiple languages and time settings simultaneously.

Ready, set and dispatch instantly

Our best-practice set-up through our wizard function provides all the guidance to be ready for the first dispatch instantly.

Predefined workflow concepts, user roles and permissions as well as an easy to use mobile service application deliver a full set-up to get started with minimal time for configuration.

Simply create a ticket and automatically dispatch it to an engineer, inform your clients about progress, deliver service on site, report the intervention and gather all necessary signatures instantly. Additional customized configurations can easily be performed and extended for enhanced usage if needed.

Multilayer disposition 

Achieve more transparency for your customers for all levels of your service network with just one tool.

Your workforce may consist of your own staff, partners or independent contractors. Our multilayer functions ensure that your service quality remains within your highest standard, regardless of how many additional or external delivery layers you include.

The tool enables you to have a comprehensive overview of all tickets and meeting your KPIs. Regardless of whether you deliver your service with your own team, through assigned service providers or their partners.

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